Physical lock & app to help you stop doom scrolling and get to sleep

We built 4rem to solve a problem - to help us stop scrolling on our phones when we should be sleeping. The apps that are designed to keep us scrolling, liking and playing videos one after another are sometimes just too good at what they do, and cause us to sacrifice sleep. Screen time limits are too easy to override, and we need our phones nearby for what it’s useful for - keeping time, wake up alarms, and the occasional emergency call or text (if you’re a parent, you know). The 4rem Lock and app were designed to solve this problem by making your smartphone into a dumbphone which can only be unlocked by a physical device (that’s the lock). Automatically lock apps based on your routines or manually lock it anytime. Customize which apps to block and which to keep available. # How We’re Different - Screen time app limits are too easy to disable. Over time, we’ve become so numb to tapping the “Ignore Limit” button, that it’s lost all of its original intent. - Increased productivity doesn’t need to be the goal of making your smartphone dumber. 4rem is designed to help you unplug, unwind and get to sleep. Give your eyes a screen-free break before bed and start your mornings without scrolling. - Keep your phone nearby as your clock and morning alarm. With your 4rem Lock somewhere outside your bedroom, cold and cruel doom scrolling is no match for the comfort and warmth of your bed. - The 4rem Lock is a one-time purchase - no subscription needed.


$49 plus shipping




Added 7th July, 2024