Next.Js SaaS Bundle To Launch Apps In Days, Not Weeks

Introducing BoilerBay: The unparalleled Next.js starter kit that is revolutionizing the way developers create web applications. BoilerBay isn't just a tool; it's your gateway to harnessing the power of AI and cutting-edge technology for your projects. With seamless integrations of leading AI platforms like OpenAI and Langchain, along with the advanced capabilities of the Pinecone vector database, BoilerBay is setting a new standard in the development ecosystem. πŸš€Features; - Waitlist Pages - Landing Pages - SEO Setup - Stripe & LemonSqueezy Integration - Transactional Emails - Magic Link & Oauth Authentication - Database Setup - OpenAI GPT-4 Integration - Langchain Integration - Pinecone Integration - Stripe Credits Based Subscription - Lifetime Updates Kit has everything you need, πŸš€ Build, Ship, Grow, Repeat πŸš€


$167 Starter
$197 Starter + AI




Added 6th April, 2024