Camera Graph

Professional Streaming Camera Setup in Seconds

Unleash the full potential of your live streams and screen recordings with Camera Graph, the ultimate tool for real time video customization on Mac. Easily modify your video feed with multiple cameras, images, text, dynamic overlays, background videos and screen shares.

Master Your Visuals with Advanced Webcam Settings

  • Change color, light, rotation angle, mirror, mask, zoom, crop, scale and more
  • Green screen / background removal with silhouette coloring
  • Add multiple cameras, multiple scenes and 30 unique scene transitions
  • 10+ live video effects, more added monthly.

Closed Captions (beta)

Use the power of on device machine learning models to convert audio into text in near real-time, seamlessly integrating captions into your camera feed. Enjoy the same level of customization as the Text object, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance to your liking.

Stream to all your favorite video providers using RTMP

  • Adaptive bitrate controls
  • Microphone selection

Live Commerce

  • Setup your scenes to create an ultimate shopping experience

Virtual Camera + App Compatibility

  • Supports iPhone Continuity Camera and almost all other cameras that can connect to macOS.
  • Use with FaceTime, QuickTime, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Ring Central, Slack, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, Meta, and more

Powerful Screen Recording

  • Easily setup picture in picture for reaction videos
  • Create dynamic presentations and record them with audio and video
  • Share only the windows you care about
  • Share multiple screens
  • Record in 4k, 1440, 1080, 720, 480
  • Record games with high FPS, up to 120
  • Save videos in MP4/Mov - H.264/ProRes

Optimized for Mac

  • Experience swift and smooth GPU-accelerated encoding, native to your Mac

Record Vertical Videos for iPhone

  • For TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts right in the app

Elevate Your Live Stream

  • Add images, stylized text, multiple cameras, overlays or share any application screen alongside your video feed
  • Trigger Camera reactions in macOS 14+
  • Customize and control your content with ease

Minimalist Mode

  • Run as a menubar only application in the background for increased performance.

Engage with Browser Overlays

  • Bring your audience into the action with live Twitch chats, real-time scores, and more

Drag and Drop Images

  • Instantly spruce up your feed by dragging and dropping images directly into the mix


  • Effortlessly craft and transition between scenes, curate layers, and personalize your presentation
  • View up to 12 scenes at one time with MultiView (Pro feature)






Added 17th May, 2024