Your fancy AI personal assistant

👉 What's different compared with others ChatGPT alternative? Many of users found the UI/UX is more appealing to use. Feature-wise, GasbyAI also supports: - Transcribe audio/video (OpenAI Whisper), generate image (OpenAI Dall-E) - Extract text content from URL, Youtube video URL - Extract content from pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx (using upload) - Prompt and AI Character library, response in your own language - Input quick command with: + "/prompt" to choose a prompt + "/role" to switch AI Character + "/lang" to switch output language for current conversation + "/model" to switch model for current conversation + "/chat" to switch to a conversation - Customise chat configuration and styles - Support self-host, white label with managed accounts

 👉 Highlight features Organise chats in folder, estimate usages (consider different models, exclude other services ie transcribe, generate images), chat submission behaviours, custom API endpoint, stream response, auto generate tittle, fullscreen/chatbubble display mode, dark/light theme, etc. I publish weekly updates, support, get feedback and feature requests on Gasby Discord here 

👉 What's Gasby's roadmap? My roadmap for Gasby are closely based on users requests (I'm extremely thankful for). Here are a few interesting requests from users that I'm planning to work on: - Sync data (planning to support more online storage provider) - Handsfree interface (talk like Siri) - Work with long documents - Support Webhooks - Process multiple instructions (Like Step 1. xxx, Step 2. xxx) 

👉 What's your refund policy? There is 7-day refund policy incase you change your mind. Please use "AI20" to get 20% off on any plan. Would love to hear your question, or feedback about Gasby here or on the Discord channel


$34 - 1 user (5 devices)
$199 - 10 users (50 devices)
$349 - 20 users



Added 13th March, 2024