Generate In-Depth Blog Content

Lede is an AI content generator designed for creating in-depth blog posts. Unlike similar products, Lede does extensive research before helping you write your blog post. Lede helps you find content related to what you're writing, aggregates and summarizes the source articles into a research report, and then uses your research to draft accurate, in-depth content. Our AI writing tool is designed to be incredibly flexible. Instead of providing an exhaustive set of "AI tools," you can simply describe what you want written. If you want your content optimized around certain keywords, you simply state that in your prompt. Lede is designed for bloggers, entrepreneurs and freelance writers that want to create well-researched blog posts. It is not a tool for spitting out vanilla content straight from an LLM. Try it for free and start publishing better content.


$89 bring your own keys, or pay a monthly subscription.



Added 7th July, 2024