MaxFocus: Link Preview

Save your time and browse smarter with MaxFocus Link Preview.

This is the best tool to scroll through your social and news feeds, watch videos without distraction and read articles without opening new tabs. It's also a great productivity tool for students and professionals who need to focus on their work. Here's what you can do: 1. Open previews with ease: choose how you want to open link previews: — Hover your mouse over the link and wait — Open with a long click — Press Tab+Space on your keyboard — Use Alt+Click — For Mac users: use Command+Shift+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click — Open links in a popup if they should open in a new tab 2. Read without distractions: use the built-in "Reader View" to switch any webpage to a clean, clutter-free format for articles and news. Dark mode is supported 3. Theme presets 4. Stay focused: avoid opening tons of tabs and keep your browsing organized We also offer a PRO subscription: 1. Summarize any page, extract the key points and get related links to the current topic with AI features 2. Scam Detector: we will alert you if you have opened a link with malware, phishing or ransomware 3. Advanced theme customization 4. And other future updates Stop getting lost in a sea of tabs! MaxFocus: Link Preview helps you stay focused while you study or browse the web by letting you preview links without opening new tabs.


$14.90 - Pro Personal
$19.90 - Pro Personal AI
$167.00 - Pro for Teams




Added 17th May, 2024