Universal clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

PastePal is the #1 clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Multiple side window position, hot edge, queue stack, quick mode and advanced filter PastePal is a native application written in pure Swift that allows complete control over your clipboard history. The app is universal and available across Mac, iPhone and iPad devices. You can manually enable iCloud Sync in Settings and all data will be securely synced across devices Many features - Light and dark mode - Side window for quick access to recent history. You can position it either top, left, bottom, right of the screen - Main window for complete overview. There you can filter by app, content type and organize into collections - Pagination. For large amount of data, pagination is enabled where you can navigate among multiple pages of history - Setup allow and ignored list of apps, folders, content words - Trim down pale history automatically. You can define time frame for how long you want to keep history - Keyboard shortcut to toggle windows, copy and delete history item - Accessible via status menu bar






Added 2nd March, 2024