QuikFlow Pro

Create flowcharts with a mind mapping workflow

Create flowcharts (and mind maps) without worrying about layout with QuikFlow. With our innovative interactive layout algorithms, you can work as if you were using a mind mapping application while creating flowcharts. Define your structure and the app handles the layout! CREATE FLOWS, NOT JUST MIND MAPS Creating flows is just like creating mind maps. But without the restrictions. Let flows converge or loop back around. All while retaining the same intuitive workflow. FOCUS ON YOUR CONTENT, NOT ON THE LAYOUT Define your flow and the relationships between different elements. The layout happens automatically while you are working. To adjust the layout, you can reorganize elements using drag-and-drop. MAKE CHANGES WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT THE DETAILS No matter what you change, the layout will automatically adapt. Paste a whole subflow into the middle of the flow. Delete any part of the flow, no matter how intertwined. You won’t have to spend most of your time fixing the layout. SHARE AND EXPORT WITHOUT SURPRISES Easily share your creations in popular file formats (PDF and PNG). In high quality and without fuss. It is that simple. USE FOR FREE. UPGRADE IF YOU WANT TO QuikFlow gives you access to most features, including all of our innovative layout features, for free without any strings attached. You can upgrade to QuikFlow Pro to access additional styling and export features. Try QuikFlow Pro with a free 7-day trial. Buy it either as a monthly or yearly subscription, or as a one-time purchase. Files created using QuikFlow Pro can be opened and edited in the free version.





Added 25th February, 2024