Simple password manager for iPhone, Mac, iPad & Watch

Tired of never finding your passwords? Have you ever dreamed of a simple, tidy and accessible notebook to organize your passwords at any time? Sesame is the application you really need! This manager will allow you to retrieve all your passwords in an instant in a secure space. Its simple and uncluttered design makes it the simplest tool available to everyone to stay safe in the digital world. Sesame is easy to use but also very secure; the AES-256 encryption ensures a high level of security for your data. Sesame also respects your privacy by storing your data locally on your phone. Finally a tool that doesn't try to take advantage of your data! In this privacy-friendly approach, Sesame uses your iCloud Drive documents (which belong to you) to implement backup and synchronization features. Once again, we work to preserve your privacy while keeping an application of excellent quality.


29,99€ unlimited storage & devices forever




Added 15th March, 2024