Svelte 5 Boilerplate for building AI apps quickly

SvelteLaunch is a Svelte 5 Boilerplate that jump starts building new SaaS and AI applications. Key Features: - Database and Authentication: Seamlessly integrated with Supabase, SvelteLaunch provides robust database solutions and secure server side authentication out of the box. - Payments Integration: Simplify your payment processing with Stripe, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for your users. - Transactional Emails: Keep your users informed with automated, reliable email notifications powered by Mailgun. - Reusable Components: Save time and maintain consistency with a library of pre-built, reusable components tailored for Svelte 5. - Automated SEO: Optimize your web presence effortlessly with built-in automated SEO tools, ensuring your project gets the visibility it deserves. - AI Ready: A 1:1 coverage secure api for building AI apps with Open AI API. - Styling: Build beautiful websites with tailwind css and skeleton ui. SvelteLaunch is not just a boilerplate; itโ€™s a comprehensive toolkit designed to help you ship high-quality SaaS and AI applications quickly. With lifetime support and access to a Discord community, youโ€™re never alone on your development journey. Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up complex infrastructure and focus on what truly mattersโ€”building innovative solutions and delightful user experiences. Join the SvelteLaunch community today and transform the way you build SaaS based business.


$299 currently on sale for $199




Added 7th July, 2024