Writers brew

An AI assistant app for everyday writing on your macOS

WRITE. IMPROVE. REPLY. SUMMARIZE. TRANSLATE. Problem AI writing assistants are often limited to their platforms, causing inconvenience for users who frequently switch between apps and websites. A user like that looking for a digital co-writing tool has to spend $100s of dollars per month to make it work, yet those platforms can't adapt to user's workflow. Solution This is where Writers Brew is here to solve this problem. - An AI assistant that works across all browsers, native apps & electron apps. - It helps you to turn your rough notes to finished drafts. - It helps you write better & faster. - It turns your boring (any)text editor to ✨AI text editor. - It includes built-in OCR for extracting and transforming text from images using AI. - Cost effective 10x-100x cheaper than any other service (by using your own OpenAI key) - Whether you're an expert writer or just starting out, Writers Brew has something for everyone.






Added 22nd February, 2024